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As part of a consulting project I am involved in, I have created a list of acronyms and terms that are used in manufacturing and industrial automation. These are terms and acronyms from Lean/Six-Sigma, controls, electronics, business software and general …

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Today’s post is dedicated to my new friends at Poseidon Industries, a manufacturer of stone cutting and processing equipment, located in Punta Gorda, Florida. Last week I did some software work there and had some discussions on industrial Ethernet protocols …

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Last week I had a bit of fun telling you about my travels to New England. I try and post something every week, but sometimes when I’m traveling it is difficult to make the necessary time to craft a well …

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Today’s post is in response to Amit’s question on a previous topic about leak testers. He asks “What is the process to send or receive data from a Cosmo leak unit tester?” Rather than address Cosmo specifically, I decided to …

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Serial communications are still used extensively in automation despite the lack of serial ports on most computers. It used to be about the only way you could connect to and program controllers, whether PLC, DCS or others. From the Primer: …

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