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If you would like to create an automation related post this is where you start. I will make every effort to post your comment as a blog post that is open for discussion under a specific category if you let me know, otherwise comments will be simply kept here as “Uncategorized”.

This is your opportunity to post your best application, advertise your automation-related company or discuss an issue you are having that someone may be able to help you with. Just select a category from the following list and place it at the head of your comment and I’ll do the rest!

Here is a current list of categories that may be posted under:

  • Applications
    • Assembly
    • Conveyors
    • Gauging
    • Packaging
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Process
  • Hardware
    • Controllers
    • Motors and Actuators
      • Servos
      • Pneumatics
      • Hydraulics
    • Sensors
      • Photoelectrics
      • LVDTs
      • Vision
    • Misc. Hardware
  • Software and Programming
  • Machine Builders and Integrators
  • Vendors and Manufacturers
  • Trades
    • Controls Design
    • Machine Design
    • Machine Assembly and Fabrication
    • Panelbuilding

Please post the category that you would like to post under along with any other technical information you would like to share. Thanks for your contribution!


4 Comments on “The Blog

  1. Thank you for sharing the information. Very useful and informative content. It’s really knowledgeable about custom machines & automation. Keep sharing. We Durobyte is well known as Automation Machine Builder Ontario, Canada

  2. I’m working to implement a new wire numbering standard, where there currently isn’t one. I like the idea of using the electrical drawing’s row # to generate the wire numbers, so on row # 108 (sheet 1) a wire may be named 1080, 1081… ex.

    The problem I have with this method is what to do when wires are ran from one control panel to another control panel, each with their own electrical drawing. One might add the drawing number onto the wire number for all wires that exit the panel so example drawing # 10123 has wire # 1080 that goes to another panel, so label the wire leaving the panel 10123-1080. However if this is the wire number, what would you label this same wire node in the other panel. Looking for expertise on this subject.

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