More than anything else, this site is a community endeavor. There are so many different valuable perspectives on industrial automation. It’s more art than science.

That’s where you come in. In addition to the Automation Primer samples available on this site, this site is a central hub for all industrial automation professionals to grow. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner — you’ll find something here for you.

If you would like to create an automation related post, this is where you start. I will make every effort to post your comment as a blog post that is open for discussion under a specific category if you let me know, otherwise comments will be simply kept here as “Uncategorized”.

This is your opportunity to post your best application, advertise your automation-related company or discuss an issue you are having that someone may be able to help you with. Just select a category from the following list and place it at the head of your comment so we can place your article in the appropriate section.

Here is a current list of categories that may be posted under:

  • Applications
    • Assembly
    • Conveyors
    • Gauging
    • Packaging
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Process
  • Hardware
    • Controllers
    • Motors and Actuators
      • Servos
      • Pneumatics
      • Hydraulics
    • Sensors
      • Photoelectrics
      • LVDTs
      • Vision
    • Misc. Hardware
  • Software and Programming
  • Machine Builders and Integrators
  • Vendors and Manufacturers
  • Trades
    • Controls Design
    • Machine Design
    • Machine Assembly and Fabrication
    • Panelbuilding

To submit your blog post, use the handy form below. Whether you want to get the word out about your product, share a new insight you’ve gained, or share your opinion on best practices, The Automation Primer is the perfect venue for sharing your thoughts. Thanks for your contribution!

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2 Comments on “Contribute

  1. iQagent provides an Augmented Reality view of your Plant floor by identifying Points Of Interest (POIs) on your plant floor using QR Codes. When POIs are scanned with the iQagent iPad or iPhone App, users instantly view live data, schematics, technical resources and URLs relevant to the associated equipment or process.

  2. Looks like a useful tool! Definitely something I will keep in mind when working with customers. Now if we can just make sure that the equipment or process actually has all of its documentation…

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