Collector of Information

I am Phranc, Collector of Information.

Much information do I have, I call it “Potential Knowledge”. But it is not real knowledge until it stays in my head.

So much information do I have that I can not remember it, so I record it in written or video form. Sometimes I purchase it in the form of books, and then it is added to my collection of things.

When I was younger I realized that I could not remember all of my information, so I started writing it down. Then I learned what a blog was and I put much of my technical information there.

A book publisher decided they liked it, and offered to trade me money if I would put it in a book. This I did, but alas, the information was not permitted to be in the form I preferred. So the next time I wanted to put my information in a book, I did it myself and became happier. And did it again.

But I still could not remember my information, so I continued to write it down as I collected more. I put it in a place that let other people find and use it.

This week I discovered that AI lets me collect information and organize it much quicker than before. So there will soon be even more in the information place. I hope that people will use it and like it.

For I am Phranc, Collector of Information.


Electrical Engineer and business owner from the Nashville, Tennessee area. I also play music, Chess and Go.