Blogs, Training and Other Resources

Automation Training – “Training for Industry” – PLC and HMI training, primarily Allen-Bradley and Siemens products

BIN95 – Industrial and PLC Training and Software

Contact and Coil – “Nearly In Control” – Blog and Tutorials, RSLogix5000 and TwinCAT

Drives and Systems –  “PLCs, PACs, Variable Frequency Drives and Industrial Automation” – Blog, concentration on Schneider, Modicon and CodeSys

Factory Automation Software Blog – “Merging Modern Software Development with Electrons and Metal” – Blog

Jim Pinto’s Blogs – General Topics and Industrial Automation Blog

MrPLC – “Your Automation Help Site” – Forum, Articles, Downloads and Store – PLC forum for various platforms including AB, Siemens, GE, Omron and Schneider

On The Edge – “Keith Campbell’s On The Edge” – Manufacturing and Technology Blog

PLCdev – “Tools for PLC Programming” – Blog and Training

PLC eUniversity – “The PLC Professor” – PLC Training, primarily Allen-Bradley – “PLC Talk” – Forum for PLC related information

The Learning Pit – Electrical and PLC Training, software and Simulators


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