Following are links to the PLC topics on this site.

PLC Platforms:
Automation Direct
Beckhoff Automation

PLC Programming:
Ladder Logic 101: Where to Start
Ladder Logic 102: Organization
Ladder Logic 103: More on Organization
Ladder Logic 104: Memory Organization
Ladder Logic 105: PLC Scanning * LL105 Solution
Ladder Logic 106: One Shots

Ladder Logic 201: Inputs
Ladder Logic 202: Outputs
Ladder Logic 203: Faults
Ladder Logic 204: Auto Sequences
Ladder Logic 205: System Routine I
Ladder Logic 206: Scanning
Ladder Logic 207: Interrupts and Periodic Tasks
Ladder Logic 208: System Routine 2
Ladder Logic 209: Faults and Messages

Ladder Logic 301: Toggle
Ladder Logic 302: Data Tracking and Structure Data Type
Ladder Logic 303: PLC Forensics
Ladder Logic 304: Timer Application
Ladder Logic 305: ASCII and Strings
Ladder Logic 306a: Simulation
Ladder Logic 306b: More on Simulation
Ladder Logic 307: Data Averaging and Archiving
Ladder Logic 308: Allen-Bradley RSLogix 5000 MSG (Message) Instruction
Ladder Logic 309: Allen-Bradley RSLogix DDE/OPC Link to Excel

Ladder Logic 401: Data Acquisition and Analysis
Ladder Logic 402: Data Manipulation and Filtering
Ladder Logic 403: Message Scrolling and Multiple Faults
Ladder Logic 404: VFD Encoder Control/Siemens

PLC Software and Templates
Safety PLCs
Excel: Automate your Automation
Generic Programming Rules
PLC Manufacturer Rankings
PLC Memory
Tag Structures and Dotfields
Advantages of Reusable Code
PLC Hardware and Programming – Multi-Platform Manual
Advanced PLC Hardware and Programming – Book
PLC History


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  1. Thank you for your dedication and generosity to the field and people. This information is very much appreciated and very helpful. I wish you much continued success,
    Regards, Justin Flynn

    • Lot’s and lots of videos, free on YouTube and also available for purchase on various sites, easy to Google. If the question is whether I will be making videos, the answer is yes. Lots of irons in the fire right now, but that is on the agenda.

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