Today’s post is a continuation on Jason Lafever’s questions on PLC to PLC communications. PLCs often have a need to send messages to each other, and all have some method of directly sending a message to read or write tags …

Ladder Logic 309: Allen-Bradley Produced-Consumed Tags (Video) Read more »

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Today’s video is in response to a post I put on my Facebook automation forum, Automation Training. Jason Lafever asked if I would cover a bit on Allen-Bradley’s MSG (Message) Instruction, and cover Produced-Consumed Tags. I decided to split these …

Ladder Logic 308: Allen-Bradley’s MSG (Message) Instruction – Video Read more »

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Today’s post is in answer to a question from Bruno on my last post on Faults and Messages. Bruno asks “If two faults happen at the same time, will this procedure work?” This is a more complex question than it …

Ladder Logic 403: Message Scrolling and Multiple Faults Read more »

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In a post back in March, “Request for PLC Information and Samples“, I received quite a few responses offering PLC information on various platforms. Unfortunately after sending e-mails to quite a few of the respondents I haven’t received any info, …

PLC Platform Sample Request – CLGX Example Read more »

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