This section contains links to posts on sensors and other input device related subjects. As with other sections, if you are interested in contributing a sensor-related post or company link please contact me.

Sensors 101: Control System Inputs
Sensors 102: Signal Conditioning
Sensors 103: Choosing Sensors, an Application

Spotlight on Vision (16Feb2011)
Choosing the Right Sensor (2Mar2011)
ID Systems (7Aug2011)
LVDTs (14Aug2011)
Photoeyes (21Aug2011)
Hall Effect Sensors vs. Proxes (26Feb2012)
Thermocouples and Temperature Sensing (15Apr2012)
Calibration (6May2012)
Encoders and Resolvers (15Jul2012)
Vision Guided Robots (26Aug2012)
Anatomy of a Photoeye (10Jan2013)
Magnetostrictive Sensors (17Jan2013)
Scales and Load Cells (10Mar2013)
Fieldservers and Protocol Converters (25Oct2015)
Piezoelectric, Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Devices: A Comparison (25Jun2020)

Proximity Switches
Analog Sensors
Special Sensors


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