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  1. Hello, please would you mind posting VIPA Automation (www.vipausa.com) to your Controls website? VIPA is a control systems provider based on Step7 from Siemens. The North American Headquarter is based in Atlanta. Thank you, Thomas

    • Cool product, I’d like to learn more about it. If you do a bit of a writeup for me I’d like to write a post on it. Looks like some of the processors are faster, etc. but for instance, can your software be used with Step 7 processors and is it less expensive than Siemens? Their software is pretty pricey…

      • I’m pretty sure the entry level Siemens software (S7-200, S7-1200 series) software is pretty affordable – and not hobbled by annoying copy protection.

        Siemens has some attractive starter packages with PLC, software, and (optional) HMI for the S7-1200 starting at $250.

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