This week I put out an announcement in various places (Linked In, my Facebook group and direct emails) about a new learning opportunity I am releasing around the end of September. I have already released various videos on my YouTube …

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When I started this blog back at the end of 2010 I really just did it for fun. At that time I wanted to make sure it contained useful information and was non-commercial in nature. Then I went back into …

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Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending my second Automate and Promat show in Chicago. I wrote an earlier post on the Automate 2015 show, but when I went back and re-read it I realized that I actually …

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Hello from mushy Sacramento, CA. Flying in this afternoon the whole area looked like a big sponge, everything looked flooded out, and its still raining. And I thought there was a severe drought here… ********************************************** Most people have heard this …

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