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Ladder Logic 402: Data Manipulation and Filtering

In last weeks’ post, I discussed acquiring data using a PLC to capture values from an analog card. I showed some fairly straightforward methods of capturing data using FIFO methods, averaging data values, and how some of the ladder logic

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The True Cost of Custom Machinery

Its been about two years since I made Mastering the Machine available on this website. For those who haven’t read it, it is a short e-book describing the process of concepting, quoting, building and installing custom machinery. I have also

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My Automation Software Project

Over the last couple of months I have mentioned that I am working on a pretty big software project. The diagram above is a graphical layout of some of the tools I have used in the past to accomplish a

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Generic Programming Rules

I have covered a lot of material on ladder logic on this site, but not all programming is for PLCs. This is an excerpt from Industrial Automation: Hands On that applies to all programs, not just ladder ( 6.1.1 –

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Excel – Automate your Automation

Probably the most useful tool I have in my arsenal when doing preliminary design is Microsoft Excel. In many of the projects I have worked on over the last couple of years since I left Wright, the company I was

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