Proposals and Quoting

Our guest at Friday’s Mastering the Machine event at the Automation Academy was Doug Alward, Senior Applications Engineer (retired) at Wright Industries. Doug has a wealth of experience in the applications field and shared all kinds of insights on what goes into creating proposals in the custom machinery business. Check it out!


  • 0:55 Mastering the Machine document
  • 8:35 Doug Alward intro
  • 8:55 Types of proposals
  • 10:49 What wins proposals
  • 13:42 What is important in preparing proposals?
  • 16:46 Steps in proposal preparation
  • 21:18 More on proposal types
  • 24:39 Proposal spreadsheet
  • 52:58 Outsourcing expertise
  • 57:10 Lists/directory websites

The first Mastering the Machine webinar covered a pre-sales application I have been working on. I used this application to create the first lesson on an ongoing system integration series at the Automation Academy, this webinar’s information will help me create the second lesson.

The Automation Academy contains lots of training videos on PLC and HMI programming, but I have been focusing more lately on system integration and advanced subject matter. It is a very inexpensive way to get training on advanced topics, and a growing community. If you are interested in continuous learning in the field of industrial automation and system integration, join us!


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