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When I got up this morning, I had fully intended to write a post on sensors and sensing techniques. I was even going to title it “Sensors 101”, similar to the series that I started on PLCs several years ago.

Part of what was motivating me to do this is that I’ve been invited by Control Engineering magazine and CFE Media to make a presentation on sensor selection at a webinar sometime towards the end of March. I started researching some of the posts I had written in the past on sensors, and I came to realize that most of the stuff I have written is from a long time ago. I also realized I have concentrated extensively on PLCs, which was never the original intent of this blog. But that is what a lot of people have asked for, besides I spend a lot of my time teaching PLC classes.

Anyway, I started looking over this site and I realized that not only were the articles on sensors mostly from 2011-2013, but also they were really hard to find. You may not realize it just by looking at the Home page or this post, but as of today there are over 300 pages of articles and posts on this site, covering almost six years.

So today I spent some time rearranging this site. You’ll notice that there are fewer tabs at the top of the page; I’ve moved some of the old content such as The Primer, Contribute and T.A.I.I. under other tabs. I also updated the PLC and Applications tabs, adding more links to posts.

I also added a new tab titled Sensors. As I added my sensor-related posts to the list, this was when I realized how much I had migrated from the original intent of the blog. The last sensor-related post was from 2015, and even that was related to PLCs. Now its not like I have only discussed PLCs over the last few years, there are all kinds of articles on a wide variety of subjects, but I definitely have a lot more to say about sensors and sensing techniques, so you might want to bookmark the sensors tab if that is of interest.

I will be adding more links to sensor manufacturers to the Resources/Controls Hardware and Software tab, currently there are only 4 links there.

As I write more posts on sensors, the links will also be added to the new sensors tab. I do plan to add a Sensors 101, 102 etc. series, similar to the PLC series, though probably not as extensive. More on machine vision, ultrasonics and process sensors are also on the agenda.

I’d also like to get some more guest posts by manufacturers and vendors on the subject, similar to those on PLCs. I do get a lot of requests to do guest posts, but some I turn down because they aren’t really topic related or they are too commercial and not very informational. I am always up for good technical contributions though.


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