Free Book!

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I have been asked by McGraw-Hill to find people willing to review my book on Amazon’s website. So far I have three people who have volunteered to do it, I still need 9 more. Tony? Gordon? The only requirement is that you have an account at, and of course I will need your address. McGraw-Hill will mail the book to you.

Currently the description on their website says that the book is 320 pages and $110.95; it is actually more like 500 pages and I have been told Amazon will sell it for about $92. It is currently scheduled for release in June, I assume they would send it shortly thereafter.

From what I understand a review is kind of like a book report… the review doesn’t even have to be favorable, though I hope you would like it!


Electrical Engineer and business owner from the Nashville, Tennessee area. I also play music, Chess and Go.

7 Comments on “Free Book!

  1. I will volunteer to read it. I work as a PC&IS engineer in a paper mill (tissue). I have been on PC&IS for about 4 years now, previously process/tech engineer. 14 years in the plant with a ChemE degree. Email me and I will send you my address. I have an amazon account.

  2. Thanks! So far I have 10:

    Charles Mitchell
    Dave Petrunak
    Bill Haddock
    Gary Mintchell
    Holly Hao
    Tony Bauer
    Gordon Holmes
    Doug Alward
    Jason Unruh
    Matthew Smith

    @Doug: I would love to read more of your book also… I really want to hear the happily ever after part!

    @Jason: You are only the second from the manufacturing side, I am honored to have you review my book!

    I will send e-mails to everyone for addresses this weekend, I appreciate it!

  3. 500 pages! Sounds like a Tom Clancy novel:) I’d love to read and comment!

  4. Frank, I will read it. Let me know if you decide to make me a reviewer.

  5. I would like to review your book. I am currently our departmental trainer for our electricians and electronics technicians and would love to give it a trial for the basis of our training, using it as a guide to teaching them the basics. I would give more specifics, but an email would probably suit the situation better.