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Courtesy of Advantech
Courtesy of Advantech

This morning I decided to update the list of machine builders and integrators under the resources tab of this site. There is a definite bias in this list that leans towards companies in Tennessee, and an additional bias towards companies I have done work for or been exposed to in the past. I worked for Wright industries for about 5-1/2 years and they are one of the larger companies in the country so of course they were on the list. ATS is the largest custom machine builder in North America so they were also already on the list. DW Fritz, Automation Tool, Nalle Automation and Automation nth are all companies I have had a relationship with in the past.

Today I added Mid-South Automation because I am currently doing some work for them. I added Mesa Associates and Calvary Automation because I had also either worked on their equipment or done business with them. I then did a quick internet search and added Epic, Jewett and Kaufman.

It is harder than you might think to find machine builders among the tall weeds of the web. I suspect that the three listed above that I just added were only found because they had “Custom Machine Builder” as a metatag on their website. If I enter “Machine Builder” I get way too many OEMs that are really not part of my focus. (A quick note here about internet searches… when looking for a suitable picture for this post I entered “Machine Builders and Integrators” and did an image search. I was pleased to see that many of the images from this site appeared on the list, for some reason this site is starting to get quite a bit of traffic and I really appreciate it!)

To anyone who has read this post down to this point, please let me know of other machine builders and integrators to add to this list. Especially if you are from a country outside of the U.S., I would like to make this a resource people can use to locate the appropriate vendor for their application. It seems that search engines are strongly biased towards US machine builders, probably due to SEO as much as anything else. I would really love to add to this list.


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  1. I have been doing machine modifications and automating / upgrading machines for many years . I really am at a point of starting my own business and would appreciate any advice getting started. Thanks

    • Hi Barry,

      I may actually write a post on this question, its a good one. The biggest tip I could probably give you applies to any business, not just this kind. That would be: 1. Don’t borrow or go into debt, and 2. Don’t hire anyone until its absolutely necessary. I’ve done it both ways and I’m doing much better now that I’m on my own and don’t owe anything.

  2. You might want to consider Eclipse Automation, with over 500,000 sq.ft of vertically integrated manufacturing space and 500 skilled trades and engineers. With three divisions in North America.