Probably the most useful tool I have in my arsenal when doing preliminary design is Microsoft Excel. In many of the projects I have worked on over the last couple of years since I left Wright, the company I was …

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Today’s post is the second “advanced” topic I have covered on PLC ladder logic, The first being toggle circuits. It is often necessary to track data on individual parts through a machine or production line. If using devices like barcode/datamatrix …

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As part of my job I have often been tasked with gathering information pertaining to machine or production line performance, production data or implementation of SCADA systems. Most of the time my job ends at the plant floor and others …

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As I progressed through my automation career I was exposed to many different PLC platforms. My first job out of college was as an applications and sales engineer for a distributor of Eagle-Signal, Omron, Idec and Fuji PLCs. Back then …

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