Webinars and YouTube

This is the latest Mastering the Machine video on YouTube, I have been doing these every two weeks for almost a year now. The topic was Pi-Plates and NodeRED and as usual I learned a lot from my guest, Jerry Wasinger.

I haven’t posted here for about three months, I feel guilty… I started this blog more than 10 years ago and things have changed a lot over that time.

One big change in the past year is that I started the Automation Academy. The webinars are a direct result of that. I spend so much time creating content for that, that I have very little time left over for this blog.

At the same time, I think it’s important to have a blog and be more consistent. For that reason I think I am going to try and find a social media manager that will at the very least put links to my webinars here. It takes more time than you might think to edit these webinars, format them, upload them, and put the video both on the Academy website and on Linked In.

This is also my only outlet for posting thoughts and free content, so I really need to be more consistent. Time is our most important resource though, and I seem to be finding less of it…

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