PLC Platform Sample Request – CLGX Example

ControlLogix Example for Sample Request
ControlLogix Example for Sample Request

In a post back in March, “Request for PLC Information and Samples“, I received quite a few responses offering PLC information on various platforms. Unfortunately after sending e-mails to quite a few of the respondents I haven’t received any info, so I am opening this up again and asking for some help.

The picture above is a couple of rungs from RSLogix5000, the ControlLogix platform. I am asking for either screen prints or even a typed list of the addresses above so that I can represent as many platforms as possible in my forthcoming book. For example, I have also done this for the Siemens S7 and SLC 500 platforms, the table below shows some sample addresses for them:

Example Platform Table
Example Platform Table

Screen prints would be awesome, but any examples you can send would be appreciated. Some explanation may be needed, for example the SLC uses integers, so I put an integer address in the table. The S7 is byte based and has both “M” memory and data blocks, so I used both in the table. Siemens hardware addresses are not slot based, whereas Allen-Bradley’s are, so further explanation would be useful. But honestly, anything helps.

Platforms I would like examples for:

Automation Direct/Koyo

And any other brands you might think of…. Please help if you can!

I will post results to this site also as a reference. Thanks in advance!


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  1. Be aware that Siemens have a new platform and for now they are supporting 2.
    The new one is called TIA Portal and is different from the Step7 v5.x
    It is the only platform to code the new CPUs (S71200 & S7 1500)
    This is not a development on their older system but totally new. It has been made to be very similar though

    • Hi Richard, I am pretty familiar with TIA, I teach a class on the 1200. I didn’t mention it because other than the tags it has a similar data structure in the background as S7. I am especially interested in platforms with a completely different format than AB and Siemens to draw a parallel. For instance, Mitsubishi using hex addressing, Automation Direct’s “V-memory” which includes I/O and Timers/Counters, and anything else that is completely different.

  2. I could provide Schneider Telepace studio and or Rockwell’s CCW. have you thought about doing the same logic in function block out structured text in 5000 to illustrate the different languages that can be used?

    • Thanks Patrick, anything you can provide would be great. Is the Schneider Telepace Telemechanique or Modicon, or something else? I am not familiar with CCW, what is that?

      I will certainly mention FBD, Structured Text and SFC, but will probably spend most of my time in ladder and instruction list. STL is very important for Siemens, if any other platform concentrates as heavily on another language I may mention it, but since I don’t have first hand knowledge of it I probably won’t go into great depth.

      My email is if you have any samples or pics. Thanks!

  3. If you download SoftwareToolbox’s Top Server – comm suites you could find most or all adresssing syntaxes you are looking for. The help files will have sample adressing and tables with the complte adressing syntax.
    It’s a it more work than to have others mail them to you but it will do the job.
    Other major OPC suppliers will also do.
    ST Top Server are basically KepWare’s OPC server with many PLCs added.

    • Thanks Morten, I’ll try that.

      Its not only the syntax I need, I want the full organization of the user memory. I’ll see what is contained in the TopServer, but if people can explain more and provide pictures of the programming environment it will look better than just tables. Also there are some details (As in Koyo’s Vxxxxx memory including the I/O, Timers and Counters) that won’t be explained by a 3rd party.

  4. Modicon/Telemechanique

    000001 – 00xxxx – Digital Outputs
    100001 – 10xxxx – Digital Inputs
    300001 – 30xxxx – Analog Inputs
    400001 – 40xxxx – Analog Values used for timing, counting,comparison, math or outputs

    Unused values may be used as internal bits and values

    Is this the kind of input you are looking for ?
    I am currently on DCS systems and do not have access to the PLC’s anymore but willing to assist where I can.

    • Thanks Gavin, that helps. It looks like the numbers can differ a bit depending on which Modicon processor you have, this helps though. I found something on TSX Quantum that had something different in the 40xxx series.

  5. Hi Frank,

    I could provide an example from the Rexroth (Bosch) world! This of course would be a Codesys example.
    Is your main area of interest here the method addressing?


    • Hi Martin, thanks! I didn’t know Codesys wrote the Bosch Rexroth software, but I’ve heard they built a lot of manufacturer’s platforms. Anything you can send will help!

  6. Hi Frank, I might be a little late to this. Just noticed this post here.

    Many of the examples seem to be tag based. I can help with the numerically located memory types and the Modicon line.

    At the moment, the Modicon line is made up of a few product lines. The representative ones would be Unity and SoMachine.

    Let’s connect via email on some specific requirements. I see the table above but the non tag based memory addressing is set up a little differently.