Custom Machine Builders

Sometimes its hard to come up with topics that I haven’t already covered in this blog. I have already discussed custom machinery in various different topics over the last couple of years, but today I decided to just do a web search on custom machine builders and see what came up.

The results were somewhat surprising… as many hits came up for motorcycles as did ones for companies. I also found a website called that had everything except custom machine builders on it.

I guess because I have been in this industry for quite a long time I think of machine building in terms of what I have done; packaging, assembly, automotive, metalforming, pharmaceutical, test equipment and process stuff. Obviously that is only a small part of the automation and manufacturing world but from my view it seems to fill the whole screen. I often hear that manufacturing is shrinking in the U.S. and from what I see around me that seems to be true. Maybe what I find when I type “Machine Building” into Google or Bing is more representative of the industry as it stands today.

I hope not…


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