Wright Industries and Doerfer

Since this week was my last week at my former employer, Wright Industries I thought I’d talk a bit about the company and what they do. Wright is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is part of the Doerfer companies group. Doerfer is composed of five different companies with varying areas of concentration including Automated Machines and Systems, Presses, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Process Systems.

The recently added fifth company under the Doerfer umbrella is PSB Technologies, a Singapore based automation company which will increase Doerfer’s capabilities in the Asian market.

For over 60 years, Wright Industries has delivered world-class manufacturing concepts and solutions on projects ranging from $250k to over $100M. Wright maintains experience across a wide platform of industrial automation, software, vision, and robotics, sub-micron level precision placement and assembly technology.

Wright’s nuclear division is a leader in integrated nuclear engineering systems and solutions in the U.S. and overseas. Their in-house highly-specialized expertise includes vision systems and CCTV; advanced robotics; software design; process instrumentation; system controllers; mechanical and electrical design and engineering; stainless steel fabrication and manufacture; pressure vessel design and build; glove box, hot cell, drum transfer systems; telemanipulators; double-door sealed transfer systems and additional internal equipment design and build.

During my time at Wright I learned a lot more about the automation industry as a whole than I ever could have when I ran my old company Automation Consulting Services in Knoxville, Tennessee. I got to see how the really big machine builders and integrators operate, gained valuable experience and worked with some truly brilliant engineers. I was at Wright for about five and a half years and worked on some very challenging projects.

Automation Consulting, LLC

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am going back into business on my own again after a 1 month trip to Central America. My “Automation Primer” book is nearly complete and should be published in mid 2012. I hope to leverage what I have learned at Wright, my book, my Six Sigma/Lean Training and my upcoming Project Management/PMP certification into my final career as a consultant.

My time at Wright was very educational and challenging, in my opinion if you want to work in the machine building and integration industry there isn’t a better company anywhere to work for. I made some great friends and met some brilliant people. I am looking forward to new set of opportunities and challenges however with my new venture.

One of the engineers I worked with at Wright has been working on a book about the machine building business also. Because of my Central America adventure and having limited time and internet access I hope to post some of his work as guest posts in January. Stay tuned, its some fascinating stuff!

**** In answer to Mark’s question, Wright is part of Doerfer, website is at http://www.doerfer.com/ -Frank, 8/21/2013


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