Legacy – The Tower

I just finished reading a free e-book from Chris Guillebeau’s website “The Art of Non-Conformity“. Chris is a motivational guy who really has a unique take on life and how we don’t always need to conform to what others think we should do. I am always inspired after reading his writings.

This article “The Tower” (a manifesto as he calls it) discusses legacies, or what we consider our life’s work. This doesn’t necessarily mean what we do for a living but whatever we work on as a meaningful long-term project. An example is my CD of original music “Automatika” that I made last year; it took over a year to complete and contains songs that I have written over about 20 years.

Another legacy project I am working on is my book The Automation Primer. It is mostly complete at this point and I have submitted it to Industrial Press, the publisher of The Machinery Handbook. The book plus this website are a project I have been working on for over a year now. I plan on writing more over the next few years and hope that I can leave a lasting impression in the field of automation.

Connected with the book and my interest in Factory Automation I have started a new business. This is somewhat risky, I am leaving a great job to do it, but it is something I have been through before. If all goes well this is what I will be doing for the rest of my life; I am almost 52 years old and hope to have a major impact on the automation projects that I am involved in.

I have 1 week left at Wright Industries as of today. On 12/28 I am leaving for a month long trip to Central America, 7 countries in 30 days. I am doing this as a challenge to myself before starting my new career, some guys get a red sports car or a toupee as part of their mid-life crisis, I am doing this. I will be posting my travel adventures on this site, after all I won’t be able to write much about automation while I’m down there.


Electrical Engineer and business owner from the Nashville, Tennessee area. I also play music, Chess and Go.

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