Transmission Test Stand

Kiesler 5 Speed Transmission Tester

This small test stand was built in 2005 for Kiesler Automotive, a custom transmission builder in Maryville, Tennessee. After placing the transmission into the cradle and closing a couple of DeStaCo clamps by hand, a 2 hand anti-tiedown station is used to close the final clamp, locking the transmision in place and starting the test sequence. A fairly low budget machine, this used an Automation Direct PLC and 2 Keyence analog pressure gauges to measure pressure decay to check the transmission for leaks. Previously we had used a lot of Cosmo leak testers where the test unit itself cost more than this entire machine. This illustrates the savings that can be obtained by using small local companies for non-critical applications.

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This stand only took about 5 weeks to build and deliver.


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3 Comments on “Transmission Test Stand

  1. Regards, i would like to know what the cost for one of these transmission test machine is and comparable machines that are cost friendly thank you.

    • Hi Christopher. This and most machines like it are custom and prices vary depending on who builds them; bigger companies usually charge more, or don’t even bother with such small projects. If I remember correctly I charged about $15,000 for this in the early 2000s. About half labor and half hardware cost. My company was pretty small and could get away with building small machines, we only had 8-10 employees at the time.