I have been asked by a lot of readers, friends and associates lately about where I’m at on the various projects I’m involved in. There has also been an undercurrent of “why haven’t you posted lately?”, so I figured I’d …

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In a post back in March, “Request for PLC Information and Samples“, I received quite a few responses offering PLC information on various platforms. Unfortunately after sending e-mails to quite a few of the respondents I haven’t received any info, …

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I mentioned last week that I am working on what I believe is the first truly advanced non-platform-specific book on PLC Programming. My friend Tony over on Factory Automation Software Blog has reviewed some books that come the closest, but …

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In last weeks’ post, I discussed acquiring data using a PLC to capture values from an analog card. I showed some fairly straightforward methods of capturing data using FIFO methods, averaging data values, and how some of the ladder logic …

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Todays post is in response to a request by Quy Phan, who I met a couple of weeks ago while teaching for Automation Training in San Diego. He is having some problems with some existing equipment concerning noise on his …

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In my last post on PLC Memory Organization, I mentioned that I had not really covered how scanning actually works in a programmable controller. This is certainly a topic that needs to be discussed for an understanding of PLC programming, …

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