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Fieldservers and Protocol Converters

Today’s topic derives from a project I have become involved in in my “spare” time. Lately I have been spending a lot more time teaching classes. My project in Miami is mostly complete, so I have been able to get

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Non-Native Devices: .eds and .gsd files

When designing a control system, sometimes it becomes necessary or advantageous to communicate with devices that were not made by the PLC manufacturer. If these devices need to be placed on an Ethernet, DeviceNet or Profibus network there are methods

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Ladder Logic 303: PLC Forensics

Today’s topic involves a project I have been working on over the last few months. The project consists of adding process equipment including tanks, pumps, valves and instrumentation to an existing system… while it is running. Because production runs 24

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OEM Controls

* OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer. Early in my controls career I had a symbiotic relationship with a machine builder. I went so far as to move my company a few miles down the road and locate right next door;

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Machine Start-Ups

As I prepare for a trip to Japan and China, I am reminded of the many machine start-ups I have participated in over the past twenty years or so. One of the things I used to enjoy about project work

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Serial Device Communications

Today’s post is in response to Amit’s question on a previous topic about leak testers. He asks “What is the process to send or receive data from a Cosmo leak unit tester?” Rather than address Cosmo specifically, I decided to

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Debug and Startup

After spending the last four or five months finishing the book and working on my new company website I have taken a short job doing debug and startup on some machinery. The picture above is from a machine I worked

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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

As part of my job I have often been tasked with gathering information pertaining to machine or production line performance, production data or implementation of SCADA systems. Most of the time my job ends at the plant floor and others

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What do Systems Engineers do?

So I’m still out in Tucson writing specifications for a pretty big integration job that’s coming up quickly. This is really not my forte’, I’m more of a design and programming sort of guy. What my days have consisted of

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Web Handling

As I mentioned in my previous post, this week I am in Tucson again on a 3 week job assignment. I was supposed to be here Wednesday but ended up getting a short trip to Casa Grande added at the

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