Munitions Disassembly Application

PCAPP Mortar Disassembly
PCAPP Mortar Disassembly

Munitions Disassembly

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, sometimes I get to work on stuff I can’t talk about. If you click on the “Munitions Disassembly” link above, you will see a video of a project I was involved in in my previous life along with my buddy Gordon. I spent a couple of years on and off working on it, and I believe Gordon is still involved.

This is less due to the complexity of the project and more related to the detailed requirements of working with government agencies and large engineering firms. The software was not tremendously complex, but it was the first job I ever did where you could force or bypass inputs from the HMI as well as outputs. It was also where I had my first experience with making P&ID diagrams for discrete machinery.

As I mentioned previously, there is not a lot of detail I can get into on this project, but since the picture and video are in the public domain, I guess I can at least post them.

I am also in a brief period in my office between two vacations, so I don’t have a lot of time to post here (hence no post last Sunday…). I was in Tucson, Arizona last weekend catching up with family and old friends, and I’m headed to Pensacola, Florida day after tomorrow to (among other things) dive an aircraft carrier.

If all goes well this weekend will feature a guest post from an automation/integration company in Australia. If not, expect a post later next week.

Unless I drown…


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