As I come closer to completing the content of my book The Automation Primer I have had to make some decisions on exactly what to do with the book, this website, and frankly, my life.

I have already made the decision to leave my current employer and go back out on my own as a consultant. I truly love what I do and really can’t see ever doing anything else. At the same time, there are parts of my job that I enjoy more than others. I could build panels, weld frames or assemble machinery for instance, but that becomes physically more difficult as I get older. I have spent much of my last few years programming, designing and working on specifications and other paperwork and while I enjoy it, it ties me to a desk too much of the time.

I wonder if I'll ever do any of this again? (Circa 1998)

I have spent some time thinking about what I want to concentrate on and have narrowed my options. I truly enjoy helping others learn about automation, programming and machine design so a big part of my focus will be instruction. I will be making myself available to teach classes on a host of automation related subjects starting early next year. I will also be involved in some project management and contracting.

Because of my change in employment I will be changing this website somewhat. Right now it is focused on the blog, some of my previous projects and The Primer, but I will be changing the front end of the website to include some of my more “commercial” side and help promote my business and my book. I have asked an experienced author and website guy, Greg Minton, to help me with this task (here is your opportunity to promote yourself Greg!)

I have also hired a fairly well known author and the founder of “I Love to Write Day” (Nov. 15) to help me with my book proposal. His name is John Riddle and his site has a lot of helpful information if you are in the process of or have even thought about writing a book (more shameless promotion here John!)

This Fall is going to be a busy time for me as I prepare for my consulting business, finish my book, take a class in Six Sigma from Purdue and plan my January unwinding trip to Central America. I will still be writing at least one post a week during this time, but as I mentioned in my previous post I sure would like some help…

I will be in Tucson for the next three weeks on yet another business trip related to my current project. This time I am also making a quick stop in Casa Grande to help figure out a solution on a web line, my next post may even be related to it as there is a real art to web processing and converting. So until next time, Happy Automating!


Electrical Engineer and business owner from the Nashville, Tennessee area. I also play music, Chess and Go.

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