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The Philosophy of Buy-In

Whew, finally back from a grueling two-week trip to New Hampshire. In addition to the politics and frustrations that go with working with multiple companies and egos, I also ended up in the hospital for a day with both a

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More On Custom Machine Building

Over the past several years I’ve had the privilege of working with quite a few machine building companies. I’ve seen how they operate from the inside; some more successfully than others. In a series of guest posts while I was

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More Startup and Debug

After spending the last several months working on some of my entrepreneurial ideas and teaching PLC programming classes, I just spent the last couple of weeks contracting on a machine and system startup/debug job. I feel very fortunate to have

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My Automation Software Project

Over the last couple of months I have mentioned that I am working on a pretty big software project. The diagram above is a graphical layout of some of the tools I have used in the past to accomplish a

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ATS Automation

When I was at Wright Industries, one of the companies that we often competed against for projects was ATS Automation. Though Doerfer and Wright are very large as far as custom machine-building companies go, ATS is a much larger organization.

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What’s in a name?

The project I am currently working on is the first one where I have had to simultaneously program machines with many other engineers. I have certainly worked on teams before where there were multiple programmers on a line, but this

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In several of my previous posts I have touched on this subject indirectly. As I finish up on my current project I am reminded of how every system has its own challenges and seems different from every other machine or

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