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The Philosophy of Buy-In

Whew, finally back from a grueling two-week trip to New Hampshire. In addition to the politics and frustrations that go with working with multiple companies and egos, I also ended up in the hospital for a day with both a

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A major element of Lean methodology is Kaizen, or “improvement”. The term can refer to a continuous process or to a planned improvement event concentrating on a specific target. From the Industrial Automation: Hands On manuscript: Continuous improvement, or Kaizen,

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Gage R & R

This past week I spent most of my time putting finishing touches on the program for the system I am working on. The three machines in the system are running fairly well though as they are put through their paces

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Six Sigma and Lean – What have I learned?

This was the final week of my Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing courses through Purdue University. I took my final exam this morning and I’m happy to say that I aced the test, though since it was open book that’s

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The Lean/Six Sigma “Club”

As I work on my Six Sigma classes through Purdue I am reminded often of my previous experiences with companies who have Lean/Six Sigma programs. Back in the late nineties we did a lot of work for Avery Dennison, who

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Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing

As part of my preparation for moving back into the consulting world I recently signed up for a series of classes and certifications through Purdue University on Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. These classes lead to certification as a green

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