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Sensors 101 – Control System Inputs

In today’s post I’m going to ask you to think of sensors in a different way. Most engineers who are specifying equipment think of sensors as discrete or analog devices, proxes or photoelectrics, flow or pressure sensors, thermocouples and the

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Sensor Resources

When I got up this morning, I had fully intended to write a post on sensors and sensing techniques. I was even going to title it “Sensors 101”, similar to the series that I started on PLCs several years ago.

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The Art of Cross-Referencing

There are many reasons you may want to replace a component in your automated system with something else. Some of the more common reasons might include: 1. The manufacturer doesn’t make it anymore. 2. I can’t get it as quickly

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Magnetostrictive Sensors

Several of my topics in the past have dealt with gauging and measurement. Most of the systems I have worked on in the past used LVDTs, encoders, optical sensors or machine vision when it came to accurately measuring the physical

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The Basics: Analog and Digital

Now that I have an end in sight in regards to having my book published, I have been going back over various parts of the manuscript and doing some editing. I have already done this a few times to the

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Thermocouples and Temperature Sensing

In many applications it is necessary to sense and control temperature accurately. Processing of many products and materials can often involve the use of ovens, adhesive or plastics melting, curing, annealing or other heat treatments. Refrigeration or cryogenic applications also

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Hall Effect Sensors vs. Proxes

While doing some of the minor website maintenance tasks that you sometimes have to do when blogging, I came across a site called Alexa. I always wondered about search engine optimization (SEO) and how it works… this gave me a

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Precision Measurement Application

This station was used to measure a small crystal used in the manufacture of medical CT scanners. A Keyence laser scanner was used to measure the crystal in three different axes, providing both dimensional and “squareness” information to an operator.

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Choosing the Right Sensor

With all of the different types of sensors available and so many manufacturers and vendors competing for your business sometimes it can be difficult or confusing to choose the correct sensor for an application. In many cases such as detecting

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