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Hey India!

Yesterday I received an invitation to attend the International Automation Exhibition 2014 to be held in Mumbai, India next October. Now as many who have read this blog know, I love to travel, especially to other countries. This May I

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Have you ever been to Genba? Let me take you to a mystical, wonderful land that far too many people overlook in their travels. Genba is a Japanese word that means “the actual (or the real) place”. To understand a

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The Lean/Six Sigma “Club”

As I work on my Six Sigma classes through Purdue I am reminded often of my previous experiences with companies who have Lean/Six Sigma programs. Back in the late nineties we did a lot of work for Avery Dennison, who

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More About Japan

As mentioned in my previous post I recently took a trip to Japan. If you have ever been or plan to go there is something you should know: in general, the Japanese love gadgets and automation. The picture above is

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Japanese Words…

For all of my thousands of followers I’m sure you all noticed that I didn’t post for the last couple of weeks. I spent some time on a badly needed vacation, visiting Seattle and Japan. As mentioned in a previous

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