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Birth of the Programmable Controller

Today’s post is extracted from my new “generic” PLC course manual, PLC Hardware and Programming – Multi-Platform. In the manual, I also cover the origins of the computer, beginning with the Babbage Analytical Engine, all the way back in 1823!

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Request for PLC Information and Samples

I mentioned last week that I am working on what I believe is the first truly advanced non-platform-specific book on PLC Programming. My friend Tony over on Factory Automation Software Blog has reviewed some books that come the closest, but

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Evolution of the Retroencabulator

While many readers may have heard of the Rockwell Retro Encabulator and some of you may have even been involved in its calibration or decirculation, few people realize that it actually evolved from General Electric’s “Turbo Encabulator”. Encabulation technology has

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