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How To Design And Build A Small Controls Project

Today’s post is a response to frustration. Some times when dealing with potential customers you waste a lot of time trying to save them money. They may want you to cut corners, spend a lot of your time (for free)

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Finding Project Resources

When mapping out a new machinery or system project it is critical that the correct decisions are made before beginning design. The choices of products, vendors and service providers can make or break a project before it even gets off

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Automation Consulting

In several previous posts I have mentioned that my company is undergoing a radical shift in focus. I had hoped to have my business website completed by the beginning of September so that I could have a kind of “grand

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Munitions Disassembly Application

Munitions Disassembly As I mentioned a few weeks ago, sometimes I get to work on stuff I can’t talk about. If you click on the “Munitions Disassembly” link above, you will see a video of a project I was involved

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Excel – Automate your Automation

Probably the most useful tool I have in my arsenal when doing preliminary design is Microsoft Excel. In many of the projects I have worked on over the last couple of years since I left Wright, the company I was

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CAD and Wire Numbers

Today’s topic concerns an area that affects engineers, technicians and sometimes even office personnel and yes, management. A major part of building anything involves accurately designing and describing the thing that is to be built. If all of the required

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Your Career…

So… what do you do? Whenever I travel and meet new people this is a question I regularly get asked. It used to be a fairly simple question to answer… “I sell automation equipment”, or “I run a small machine

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Not long after starting the original Automation Consulting in 1996 I met a machine builder in Knoxville who taught me a great deal about machine building. When we started working together there were only a few of us and sometimes

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Panel Layout and Electrical Design

I had planned on writing a bit about my meeting with the publisher last week, but I received a comment on a post from about a year and a half ago on Controls Specifications. Doug asked me to cover a

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Engineering Philosophy

Yesterday I had some time to kill while my car was in the shop so I brought my notebook with me to do a little brainstorming. My wife and I had discussed some of her work situation in the morning

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