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Automation Training

In a previous post I mentioned that I have changed the focus of my company from contracting and integration to various other things. I am working on some software products to aid in machine and system design, contemplating writing a

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Automation Consulting

In several previous posts I have mentioned that my company is undergoing a radical shift in focus. I had hoped to have my business website completed by the beginning of September so that I could have a kind of “grand

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A Change of Direction

For the past 20 years I have been involved in the automation and machine-building industry in one form or another. In 1996 when I had a lot more energy and less common sense, I started my own integration business that

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Your Career…

So… what do you do? Whenever I travel and meet new people this is a question I regularly get asked. It used to be a fairly simple question to answer… “I sell automation equipment”, or “I run a small machine

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I started my technical career in the US Air Force. I joined when I was 21 years old after holding a series of minimum wage jobs after failing to graduate high school and getting my GED in 1978. The military

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Automation Consulting

Only two weeks left at my current employer. I have learned a lot there, and if I had to work for someone else there is nowhere better in my opinion. At the same time I have really missed having full

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PLC Software and Templates

As I progressed through my automation career I was exposed to many different PLC platforms. My first job out of college was as an applications and sales engineer for a distributor of Eagle-Signal, Omron, Idec and Fuji PLCs. Back then

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The Bite Too Big to Chew

This is the loading station of a machine that was one of the last jobs I did with my small machine building company. It is a precision hydraulic press for torque converters. During the years of 2005-2006 we had acquired

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The Value of Education

In my previous life as owner of an automation and machine building company, part of my job was the hiring of employees. After placing an ad in the local paper I would usually receive 20 or more resumes for a

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