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Building The Machine: A Bedtime Story

The following story is from my book Industrial Automation: Hands On (McGraw-Hill, 2013). I wrote it to illustrate how a machine or production line is concepted, purchased, designed, built and delivered. This is a pretty typical description of the procedures

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The Big Toys

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia where I am about to teach a 4 day class on Siemens’ TIA Portal. I have been away from home for two weeks trying to finish up my project down at American Beverage Depot in Miami

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Machine Start-Ups

As I prepare for a trip to Japan and China, I am reminded of the many machine start-ups I have participated in over the past twenty years or so. One of the things I used to enjoy about project work

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More On Custom Machine Building

Over the past several years I’ve had the privilege of working with quite a few machine building companies. I’ve seen how they operate from the inside; some more successfully than others. In a series of guest posts while I was

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ATS Automation

When I was at Wright Industries, one of the companies that we often competed against for projects was ATS Automation. Though Doerfer and Wright are very large as far as custom machine-building companies go, ATS is a much larger organization.

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Machine Builders and Integrators

This morning I decided to update the list of machine builders and integrators under the resources tab of this site. There is a definite bias in this list that leans towards companies in Tennessee, and an additional bias towards companies

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Custom Machine Builders

Sometimes its hard to come up with topics that I haven’t already covered in this blog. I have already discussed custom machinery in various different topics over the last couple of years, but today I decided to just do a

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Wright Industries and Doerfer

Since this week was my last week at my former employer, Wright Industries I thought I’d talk a bit about the company and what they do. Wright is located in Nashville, Tennessee and is part of the Doerfer companies group.

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