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Sensors 101 – Control System Inputs

In today’s post I’m going to ask you to think of sensors in a different way. Most engineers who are specifying equipment think of sensors as discrete or analog devices, proxes or photoelectrics, flow or pressure sensors, thermocouples and the

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Sensor Resources

When I got up this morning, I had fully intended to write a post on sensors and sensing techniques. I was even going to title it “Sensors 101”, similar to the series that I started on PLCs several years ago.

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The Art of Cross-Referencing

There are many reasons you may want to replace a component in your automated system with something else. Some of the more common reasons might include: 1. The manufacturer doesn’t make it anymore. 2. I can’t get it as quickly

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Web and Converting Terms

The picture above is from a project I worked on back in 2007. I haven’t worked on a web project since then, but I thought I’d share a section of my book that discusses some of the terms used in

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Scales and Load Cells

Last week I described some of the vibratory equipment used in the system I was working on. I wrapped up most of the work on that system and have moved on to a different type of machine, but I thought

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Magnetostrictive Sensors

Several of my topics in the past have dealt with gauging and measurement. Most of the systems I have worked on in the past used LVDTs, encoders, optical sensors or machine vision when it came to accurately measuring the physical

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Anatomy of a Photoeye

One of my first projects when I was in engineering school was to make a coin counter that would detect the size of various coins as they rolled down a ramp and total up the denominations. The circuitry was fairly

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Vision Guided Robots

This week was my first experience using vision and robots together. I have integrated many vision systems in the past and also done a number of robotic applications but this was my first time using vision to guide the robot.

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Encoders and Resolvers

Here is another recently rewritten article, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. An Encoder is a type of transducer that senses position or orientation, usually for use as a reference or active feedback to control position. Encoders

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As I work on my current automotive-related project I have reached the point where the system is operating in Auto Mode and testing a throttle body. There are various tests performed on this system including leak and flow tests, physical

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