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Assembly machines and production lines

Operator Assisted Automation

Automated production lines and cells often have stations that require operator interfacing with the equipment. Typically this is due to the extreme costs that are associated with manual loading of parts into a machine. Parts may be too large or

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Vision Guided Robots

This week was my first experience using vision and robots together. I have integrated many vision systems in the past and also done a number of robotic applications but this was my first time using vision to guide the robot.

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Vibratory Bowls

Vibratory bowls and feeders use a variable amplitude control box to control a drive unit with thrusters oriented in the direction of part movement. A bowl with special tooling and tracks sized to the component is mounted to the drive

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Binder Processing

This is another machine built with NAS in about the 1998-1999 time frame. As you can tell, NAS was a huge user of aluminum extrusion; for about 5 years or so the were the biggest 80-20 customer in East Tennessee.

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The Art of Pokayoke

Poka-yoke is a Japanese term roughly translated to “mistake-proofing”. Techniques include the use of sensors to verify part location, orientation and quality, fixturing to ensure incorrect components can’t be installed, sequencing and detection of proper assembly steps by such techniques

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